I apologize, I am asking what curl type I am. But I have spent a long time studying the board to avoid asking stupid questions so I hope I can be forgiven for the questions I do ask.

I think that I am a 2b, 2c might be pushing it. Could it be that I am not using the 'right" products yet? The pictures at my
Foti page http://public.fotki.com/cmartin1 (psswrd = 2b)
are the result of co-washing with Alagio Hydrating Shampoo and Loreal Kids 2-in-1 Cocoa Smoothie Shampoo (this was recommended somewhere on the internet for its detangling and curling benefits) plus honey. I scrunched with Back to Basics Sunflower Creme Mousse and Garnier Fructis Pure Fix Spray, using a heavy-fiber towel.

I was using the Alagio and Back to Basics products because they were on sale and looked like they could be helpful. But armed with xmas $$$ I am open to spending a bit more cash for the "right" products to avoid resorting to a spiral perm which might mask any natural curl already present. I long for spirals/ringlets but can be happy with clumped curls if I can achieve them.

Also, does this look like some horrific "triangle head", too "producty"?

Thank you everyone and Happy Holidays!