Marie Dean

Mango Hair Pudding - OILESS 4 oz.
Curly Styling Cream
4 oz

Simply Mango Tango Conditioner 2 oz. (sample size)
Chocolate Milk Yogurt Hair Smoothie
2 oz. (sample size)

Coconut & Lime Repair Mask
2 oz. (sample size)

Honey Chamomile Hair Souffle-BUTTERLESS 2 oz. (sample size)
Soy Lemongrass Ultra Conditioner 2 oz. (sample size)

Excellent! Buy 2 full priced items and get free samples as long as they're not within the same class (type) of the full priced item!
Originally Posted by Naturalista
Whoa, you're on a!

Yesterday I got 4 bottles of Vo5 moisture milk conditioner in the Passion Fruit Smoothie scent. Total: $3.01. Talk about a bargain.
I also got some banana's, avocado, and coconut milk to make a deep conditioning paste for my sis.