Darby- I don't have fine hair but I have thin hair. I finger comb my products in in very wet hair. I don't leave the water literally running off but it is def dripping off. Usually since I'm upside down I have to spray more water on teh underside closest to my neck since it's already run off there. I smooth the gel in sections like I was going to make several pony tails then rake (sometimes I comb if my hair feels a little tangly from tipping upside down) then I scrunch to get the hair clumped but it's always in smaller clumps this way.
I used to leave the clumps real big but I get better volume if I rake the product through so it breaks up the biggest clumps. Using a gooey gel that coats helps with the illusion of more hair too. Arc Angel helps me with that, Dep sports gel, gels with those consistency.
I was getting frizz from turning upside down since I didn't wash that way but just rinsed the conditioner that way so I comb my conditioner in upside down before I rinse. I happen to have some tangly hair at my nape. I think I under condition it accidentally. Tangly hair will make for frizz for me.

Oh and careful how much you handle it as the gel starts to dry on the hair , that will give a lot of frizz too.
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!