Curl Pattern: 2c i think.
Texture: Medium
Porosity: no ideaaa
Density: medium
Elasticity: normal
Characteristics: no root curl, some waves, some spirals
CG/ModCG/not CG: ModCG - I use PEG modified 'cones in my gel, but otherwise i'm CG so far. I've only been doing if for a couple weeks now. usually i straighten my side bangs or pin them back.

Hair ingredient likes: experimenting still (:
Hair ingredient dislikes: ^

Hard/Soft Water: Soft!

HG/Go-to Products: experimenting still

Average climate/dew points: ohio weather :/

Fall/Winter combos: haven't been CG in winter
Spring/Summer combos: now trying Suave Naturals coconut co-wash with Garnier triple nutrition 3 min undo rinse out, tresemme gel.

Favorite styling techniques and why: so far super soaker with plopping because it reduces my hair drying time, and promotes more curls/clumps. It does cause some frizz, so i might be trying new methods soon.
Techniques that didnít work and why: haven't tried many yet

Hair Twins: possibly rachelilly??
Originally Posted by curlsoflife(:
Yesss! I was just looking at this thread to hopefully discover my hair twin and I was reading yours and thinking yes, that's me, yes that's me, that is too ... and then I see down at the bottom that you think we might be hair twins too! Also from Ohio, so we probably have twin dew points haha Funny how we use almost the same products and straighten our bangs, too.



Aussie Aussome Volume shampoo
Coconut oil + Aussie AV shampoo
Eufora aloe vera leave-in conditioner
LA Looks Sport Gel

I use the super-soaker method