Thanks much...Im still trying to figure my own Hair type correctly ..Please Help....Ive been using carol's daughter which works pretty good, with my hair being healthy..But im interested in finding products for my hair to prevent dryness,as thats often a problem...PIC OF HAIR ATTACHED
Thanks in Advance

Hi, textured-hair friends, and welcome to!

I've compiled a list of articles I think you'll find helpful! NaturallyCurly can be overwhelming, as we have 11 years of fabulous content to share with you.

Hopefully these links will help you on your journey to wavy-, curly- or kinky-haired nirvana!

What Is My Hair Type?

Transitioning From Relaxed Hair to Natural
All About the No-Poo Routine
Tell Me About Silicones
Tell Me More About Silicones
All About Sulfates
All About Alcohols
What is Plopping?
A Glossary of Hair-Product Terms
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