ninja - I was like "Why is my drying time making her feel so bad?! " LMAO

Speckla - Thanks! It's not so bad anymore now that I am air drying, and I am trying to get 2 more days out of it. I'll take the chocolate bar but I don't think I can wear that on my head.
3A/B - low-normal porosity - med to coarse texture

Shampoo - GTTTT
Co-Wash - As I Am Coconut Cowash
RO - GVP Cond. Balm, Tresemme Naturals, Yes to Carrots Nourishing, AO Honeysuckle Rose
LI - Hollywood Beauty Olive Cream Headdress
DT - Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholestrol, SM Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment
Stylers - BRHG (old formula is my HG, but the new one has silicones)

Trying out - MGA Sculpting Gel, LA Sports Gel, Got2b Spiked Gel, Got2b Glued