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Yes, I see that texlaxing gets a bad wrap, but my hair is so densely packed that I felt I didn't have any choice. I still have a lot of texture left in my hair. What I did first was slather my hair with shealoe butter and macadamia nut butter and let it sit on my hair foe a while before adding the Elasta QP, Conditioner, oil mixture.

Here are some before pics:

Ok, now here are some "after" pics:

I happen to love my hair even more now because I can do much more with it. It doesn't take me 20 minutes to detangle. One quick pass through my hair with my Denman or detangling comb and I am finished. I needed some of the bulk cut out of my hair. Now I have the best of both. I know what products to use if I want my hair more like a fro, and if I want my hair to lay more, I know what products to use for that. I love it. So much easier to care for. My fotki pics for this starts here.

Again, thank you all for the knowledge you supplied. I could not have done this without the information that I got from this thread.
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