Okay. So a week ago I got my Devachan cut. And as per my last thread about it, they used TONS of product, and my hair felt stiff and sticky. Which is usually what happens, and I let my hair recover and it's fine.

But it's still not 100% back yet. The canopy is really really dry and fluffy and I'm not getting good clumping, even with using my HGs.

I don't know if my hair is uber-dry or if it's still on protein overload (my hair usually doesn't have problems with proteins). I never use Deva products because my hair just doesn't like them.

It feels a little better today (last night I slathered on some Oyin Whipped Pudding - holy moley does that smell good!) but I'm still not getting good clumpage and it's still feeling so much more coarse than it did. (Which I know is weird as a haircut wouldn't affect texture, but it still feels more coarse on the canopy than it did.)

So I'm just real cranky with my hair and didn't know if anyone had any good suggestions.

3b (I think!)
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