I wish my eyebrows would magically get darker and fuller. I hate my light eyebrows ugh
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Dye them. I dye mine all the time (every 3-4 weeks) and it only takes about 10 minutes. Dying them a little darker also makes them look fuller.

Eyebrows don't show "roots" like head hair does.

The best dye to use is a "deposit only" dye, without peroxide or bleach. www.robertcraig.com is awesome. It comes as a powder, so you can mix up a tiny amount just for your brows. One box costs $9.99 and lasts for months and months and never goes bad.
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I used to dye mine, but it's hard to get the color just right, especially if the user is a natural redhead.

I have gone weeks with a Franken-brow as a result, and this was work done by a professional.