FYI. You can't order samples anymore from the Marie Dean site AND it looks like you can't order products unscented. That's too bad because I got a couple of samples of butters and styling creams and the scents were too much for me so I sold them.
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I was looking at the site last night. It also looks like a lot of products with dimethicone are no longer listed.
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Hmmm. Her products are too expensive to not have samples. I tried the vanilla repair mask and it was awful. It was very thick, stiff and dry. When I put it on my hair it had absolutely no slip. When I rinsed it out, my hair had NO moisture. I also got a sample of the vanilla liquid conditioner and it had no slip. I threw the bottle away. My hair is very finicky. Now that she doesn't sell samples, I won't be trying anything else.
UPDATE: I decided to try the liquid conditioner sample as a moisturizing spray. I added aloe vera juice, honeyquat and silk amino acids. Voila, amazing as a spritz.

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