Ready? Here we go! I've been researching BKTs for like 2 years and finally thought I found a salon that uses the Marcia T BKT. I was given the address and phone number from the Marcia T website, went in for a consultation, and booked my appointmen. This was a Dominican Salon, and the owner spoke I figured she knew that I wanted the Marcia T. BKT. I asked her like 10 times if that is what she uses and she said yes over and over again.

Well when I went in for my appointment she used the Donna Bella Perla Keratin Chocolate Treatment and she swore up and down it was the same. I had already taken the morning off, so I was like eff it. I did a quick google search of the brand on my phone and found some reviews on you tube so I simlpy threw caution to the wind. She also insisted that my thick 4a hair would in fact become bone straight, but I didn't really believe her. I WAS worried about this because all the reviews on here and other salons said that for natural hair, like mine, I would simply see a loosening of the curl. I told myself it was just the language barrier and that i would walk out of their with temporarily straight hair, but after washing it out, I'd be back to curly.

Here's the thing. The way she applied the treatment to my hair was NOTHING like I've read or seen.
1. She clarifed my hair w/ Marcia T. chocolate shampoo
2. She towel dried my hair
3. She applied the treatment to my hair with a hair coloring brush brush ( the treatment had a creamy consistancy)..small section by small section and combed it through to the ends...she combed it over and over again...
4. When she was done she blow dryed my hair straight
5. Then flat ironed section by section
6. she let me sit for 10 minutes then shampooed my hair immediately (weird, right??!) after she shampoed my hair had a MAJOR decrease in curl...yup ladies and gents my 4b curls are gone..I was like 2c or a 3a, but not evenly throughout my head...really only my ends seemed to curl up, but the rest of my head is like flat flat straight.

7. Then she blow dryed and flat ironed again

My hair is REALLY straight, sleek, and soft...she told me not to wash for 4 days, but honestly I might wash it out tomorrow. AT this point, she's already shampooed this mess once today, and I don't want my hair to get any more straight. I want to wash my hair again, and REALLY see how curly it still is..Thankfully this stuff washes out in 3 months, right???! I'm not tooo bummed, but I will for sure..miss my 4a curls...I really only wanted something to loosen and soften my hair...this might have been too extreme for me. I will post pics after I wash..I'll take pics of my straight hair tonight and post.

I've attched pics of my naturally curly hair 4a hair....after I shampoo I'll see how loose it is, but it was definately 2cish after she immediately shampooed :/ Any thoughts? Anyone have a BKT applied like this? Anyone try this brand of BKT?
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