Oh ninja, you're so sweet.

I have not gotten to use it yet since I wanted to go for yeast-raised waffles, and I would have needed to make the batter the day before.
I am definitely leaning towards cacao and buckwheat waffles with some yogurt and roasted strawberries for now. I have pretty much all the ingredients for them.

I did make some pizza dough yesterday since I will be off tomorrow. I'm thinking some shaved squash (just arrived at the market), ricotta, and a marjoram pesto.

As for vegetables, how about the creamy corn from the first thread?

It's super-easy to make, quick as can be and so incredibly delicious. I am most likely going to make it again once corn is in season. Maybe with some chilies which will be in season at the same time.

Or the stuffed tomatoes? You can stuff them with something like bulgur as well. It's fairly easy and the oven does almost all of the work.

Another great little side is sugar snap peas quickly blanched and dressed with sesame oil and toasted sesame seeds. The sweet peas taste great with a few drops of roasted sesame oil.

Or roasted green peppers (with a little spice to them, something like a Poblano) with corn and fresh cheese scrambled into some eggs. So good.

Maybe you'll become an eggplant convert if you try out the eggplant dishes I mentioned in the first thread.
One of the best things I've tasted and that I learned from Neil is his eggplant salad.
A Japanese eggplant gets cut lengthwise and cooked on a griddle with a bit of olive oil.
It gets topped with pickled eggplant (it's like crack, I tell you), smoked goat cheese (we did this in-house, and it is also like crack, but when we did the de Gustibus demo we skipped the smoking to simplify it), candied red peppers, and pine nuts and arugula. Alicia Keys went to Soho House and ordered this and after she finished it, she ordered another she loved it so much. And it was the favorite of the dishes we made at De Gustibus.