I have used the lemon yogurt smoothie a few times now (have not gotten around to the other Marie Dean samples because I am so attached to this one!). I really love it. Here are my results from today (with UFD Curly Magic and FHG over it). It was quite humid today, but this held up very well (I have extremely fine hair, so I do not need any more hold than FHG provides). I cannot tell you about second or third day hair because I never try for multiple day hair. I like styling my hair in the morning. When I run out of my sample, I will absolutely buy a full size container if I find another product or two of hers that I like. Otherwise the flat rate shipping will be a bit too expensive to justify the purchase.
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2a/3a. Very fine. Porous.
No Poo/Low Poo: CJ Daily Fix, Mop Top Gentle Clarifying Shampoo
Conditioner: SS Caitlin's Conditioner, SS Deeply Decadent, SS Repairing Protein Treatment