Here's the answer I just got:

"The Yogurt Smoothies are slightly different. I use different oils and scents for each but use the same extracts and other ingredients. I add lemon hydrosol to the Lemon Yogurt Smoothie.

The same goes with the Hair Drink Moisturizers, I use different oils and scents. You'll be surprise how many customers love certain oils and how many dislike certain oils; hence the many variations, which customers love. I also received requests to create some Hair Drink Moisturizers without silicone. The Shea Hair Drink PROLESS was the only one without silicone. Now, all of them are without silicone.

Also, the smoothies are a bit thicker than the hair drink moisturizers.

Hope this helps!


I figure that's why I didn't get the Hair Drink Moisturizer in my first order. Seems like she's cut out a lot of the products with silicone, since I ordered about four weeks ago.
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