Ah, but you don't have to make all of the components. I've been known to eat an ungodly amount of the eggplant pickle all by itself. I'll post the recipe for it later, you'll see it's simple.

The market was downright overwhelming today. So much gorgeous produce!
I did not get marjoram, so I changed plans a bit since I did get some beautiful garlic scapes. Squash goes so well with so many different herbs, but cilantro often gets ignored. So I made my pizza with shaved squash, sheep's milk ricotta, and cilantro-garlic scape pesto. I am very pleased with the result, to say the least. Along with a market salad, it's a very fresh-tasting, filling dinner!

I was also really pleased to find Bing cherries already. My waffles will be accompanied by them when I do make them.
I did get some strawberries and you'll see them later when I get some pics of dessert, a vanilla yogurt mousse with strawberries.

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