I can see why you like the Lemon Yogurt Smoothie. I like the citrus smell also.

My hair just isn't responding to the Marie Dean with the curl enhancement that you are getting. I get good volume and my curls stay pretty much the same all day. No frizz. Even in humid conditions.

I wonder if my hair is at an odd stage of growth. I had funky, odd curls/horns on my head when my hair was first cut. Now it has grown quite a bit and a couple weeks ago the curl pattern seemed to strengthen and even out. Now I wonder if it is at another odd stage and so it just isn't curling as well. Maybe no matter what I do right now, it won't look as curly as it did. Normally my hair becomes curlier as it grows.
Ugh, it is never simple, is it??? Honestly, how many women with straight hair obsess about their hair like we do?
Growing out my curls. White hair, fine to medium texture but a lot of it. Low to medium porosity. Botticelli curls -- 2c/3a mix. My hair loves protein.
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Cleanser: (Summer) Beautiful Curls Nurturing shampoo or Kathymack's soap bars
Co-wash: TJ Nourish
Protein: CJ Repair Me
Styling products: (Summer) BB Styling Mudd
Gel: (Summer) BRHG, Upper Management gel.