Hi all,

Thought I'd share a combo that's been working for me lately, in case it helps someone else. It seems to be a popular combo on this site. (unfortunately this stuff is usually bought online).

While hair is wet, rake through a lot of Curl Keeper and a small to medium amount of AG re:coil; scrunch using a little BiosilkRHG. Plop and let down. When hair is dry, scrunch out the crunch.

UPDATE: Just wanted to give an update in case it helps anyone else: today I raked through curl keeper (sectioned off my hair into 4 parts, before I would just rake in the shower) and scrunched with ag re:coil (with dry hands), used some clips for lift, and pretty much let the curls air dry. Looks good so far.
UPDATE again: I now only use kinky curly knot today and twist my hair into ringlets. Then let air dry. .

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