I'm low porosity and my hair LOVES protein. I think it's because it's fine. I did two PTs this week. I bought the Mozeke and did that on Monday. Today, I was cleaning out a bottle of Spiral Solutions, so put that on my hair while I was getting ready to shower. Probably 5-10 minutes, no problem. I'd keep doing them until you notice a problem. The ones that are moisturizing aren't an issue. I may try the Mozeke as my leave in tomorrow.
3a (Corkicelli), highlighted, fine, low porosity

HGs: Anything Sevi; Curly Kinks Satin Roots, Curlycue ReNew and Coil Jam; homemade FSG and okra gel; soap bars; UFD Curly Magic; Botanical Spirits Jellies, CJ Repair Me, Aloe Fix

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