I decided to try the Curly Styling Cream with Upper Mgmt Gel by KissMyFace.

Plant poo
RO with Curly Q's Coconut Dream Condish
In sections added:
Curly Styling Cream as LI
Upper Mgmt Gel

Distributed with a poo brush, scrunch, diffuse to 60% dry.

So, when I put the cream on @ 1st it helped calm the frizz and applying the gel took care of whatever frizz remained. For a few sections I decided to see what would happen if I only used the styling cream and after I ran the poo brush through my curls separated and bounced happily. My thoughts in the shower were that I could possibly use this alone if I saturated my hair with it. It didn't enhance my curls, but I really liked the idea that this was a CURL SEPARATING CREAM. I'm not a clumping fan persay.

Once all the product was in I had very little frizz and even before I started diffusing I could see root lift and my hair volumizing which is strange as it was still pretty damp and that normally doesn't start happening until I've dried a little.

So I diffused to about 60% dry and the results came out pretty well but I guess I was looking for MD to do something phenomenal b/c I felt a little disappointed. Perhaps I needed more moisture or using UM gel was a blah choice (vs. what you guys have been using, but UM gel has otherwise been great in my hair).

It's a dry run and I have plenty of time (and product, b/c you don't need much) to test it out. Maybe it will improve as it dries (very nice light hold btw). I guess I was hoping it would define and enhance my curls more. I will say though, that the separation, body, and movement are top notch!!! This hair SWINGS!!!

Overall initial impression (Curly Styling Cream): Not better than what I have on deck, but perhaps with a change of supporting product that could change.

Now for the pics, which don't capture what I'm seeing so you guys will call me nuts. LOL!! TBC....
Originally Posted by Naturalista
Thanks for the compliments ladies!

Nat, I think your hair looks fantastic in the pics! I know how it is though, we have our own rating system for "wow" and we're most critical of our own curls. FWIW, I don't find the UM gel that great with alot of products. I know it worked fairly well for me a couple of times a while back, but I can't remember what I used it with. You might want to try it with FSG and see how that works.
I tried the lemon yogurt smoothie today topped with KMS C&P. Not as good a result as yesterday's combo, but ooooh I do like the scent! I'll try it again using FSG because it made my hair so soft and silky. Like kam, it tightened my curl, but I also had larger clumps than usual. I think I will continue trying the samples with FSG because I know what to expect with it.
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