But I have decided that i'm not doing it anymore. I just wasn't prepared for the insults about my curly hair. I was already feeling self-concious and she just made it worse. I told her I didn't want her opinion about the way I look anymore and I'd appreciate it if she couldn't say anything positive to keep it to herself. She cried of course and said I was being mean. I doubt she will ever stop so its going to have to be me that gets over it somehow.
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Good for you! When I read this the other day, I wasn't logged in so I didn't post, but was shocked your mom would do/say those things to you especially when I saw how old you are! Next time you go to her house, be sure you pull up this thread to give you reinforcements .

Do you have pics you can put of your hair? It sure helps to get feedback from us on here on what we think of your hair and I can guarantee it will make you feel better about your curly locks!
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