So...i just got mine last week, and I like it when I straighten my hair, but when i attempt to wear it curly I have sections of my hair that are now stick straight. I was a 4a, and I'm now a 3b, with some 3a and straight pieces mixed in. I was sold on this treatment because of it supposed "wearing off" feature, but I honestly don't think mine will wear off. I feel as though mine will have to grow out like a relaxer...BUMMER!

I know this sounds crazy, but I actually want to remove the treatment from this one section. No matter how much product i use, I can't make this section curly, and if I could just remove the bkt from this section, even a little, I'd be much happier. I'm going to try straight up table salt. I already tried washing with a sulfate shampoo, but no dice. Is it possible that I may have to grow out this BKT, like I would a relaxer??