Hi ladies. I'm new here and have a bit of a dilemma. I live in New York City. I usually go to Carlos at Devachan. I love the salon, I love their products, their philosphy, everything. HOWEVER I went there only about a month ago and now I've straightened my hair and have tons of split ends ( they cut it curly so they tend NOT to get off all the dead ends) and it just doesnt look good straight- a complaint I often here from other devahcan customers. SO i was thinking of going back , seeing someone else and explaing how important it is that I hav a cut that will look good straight as well as curly and to stress that they get off all the dead ends. OR trying out Christo Fifth Avenue/Curlisto ( if I do this I will have a HUGE dent in my wallet, this is not something I can really afford right now but will more than happily do it if it's going to be the best solution). I heard they're amazing and that their products are good ( even though I am pretty hooked on devachan. SO basically I would like to know what you think I should do?... try out Devachan again....or give Christo's a try?

I would really really appreciate any opinions.

Thanks so much!