my hair (and scalp) LOVES. THIS. PRODUCT.

Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel is the BOMB! I'm glad it didnt take me long to discover it. I tried it last week just on a whim because I walked by it in Walmart (can be found in the suntan lotion/sunburn treatment isle).

my curls instantly went to defined mode. score!

only thing though I've got to find the right combination of AVG and my shea mix because I don't want to much of the crunch that the AVG gives me when i used it alone (dried 100% in like 3 hours and hair was FRIZZ free) and i think I put too much of my shea mix because my hair dried white AND it took forever to a whole day.

oh and my wash n go was looking great for 4 days without any hair was in moisture heaven!

Does anybody have any suggestions on what to use along with it to reduce crunch? it doesn't have to be completely gone...I just want less of it.
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