Hee, I giggled just a bit that you forgot to buy cream for creamed corn. I do hope your corn is good and sweet since it's not in season yet.

I have to talk about the bread I made today. It's a rye bread. I am normally not a lover of rye, but I think I've been converted. It had been cooling and I had almost forgotten about it then I had a taste a few minutes ago. I can't get over it. Cayuga Farms' whole rye flour is a thing of beauty. It's sweet and so, so good. I had plans to go to the market on my way to work Wednesday to buy a chicken from Garden of Spices Farm (I bought eggs last week, but was left wanting to buy chicken and maybe duck from them), but I think I will also hit up Cayuga for even more flour (the buckwheat flour I have is from them as well). And I may have to bake another rye loaf tomorrow. This bread tastes amazing!

And oh, I had been wanting to visit the Queens markets, and I just checked the greenmarket site and the Jackson Heights market is open on Sundays, with Cayuga Farms being one of the vendors! Woo-hoo! And American Seafood will also be there. The list of farms is quite impressive!
And the Sunnyside market on Saturday will have Woori Farms! Jackpot, I love their eggs!

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