Heh, I'd actually love to work improving school lunches someday. It weighs heavily on my mind what the next step is for me. I know quite well I don't want to stay in restaurants very long, and every day I get more weary of the male privilege and of being left with a feeling that I just can't win in this business.

That's quite a story, by the way!

Here is the yogurt mousse with strawberries from last week:

And here is tonight's dessert. An almond praline semi-freddo. It is so delicious and I think Ninja would adore it. It's not too sweet and almonds are always a great partner to cherries (it is the same cherry compote I used for the waffles--- it has a decent amount of kirsch):

It's also pretty damn easy. I'm sure the term semi-freddo scares most people, but this took no time to make, especially since I only made four portions (one egg to make them).
The praline I saved to top the dessert (most of it gets added to the semi-freddo) clumped together thanks to the humidity in my kitchen, so it doesn't look as nice, but it still tastes great.