Hi! I would like to add a review for the following products that can easily be found in Europe, in order to help other European Curlies

Products from "Korres" (Greek company) :
Korres - Acacia Milk conditioner for dry hair
Korres - Shea Butter and Vitamins nourishing & hydrating hair mask
Korres - Bamboo styling cream for curly hair

Product from "Biosline" (Italian company) :
Biosline - BIOKAP Shampoo frequent use with almond (sls free)
GCG (Greek Curly Girl) since May 2010
3a/3b (although I have some really annoying straight pieces underneath), medium texture, normal porosity, medium to low elasticity

Condish: Korres Acacia Milk Conditioner
Styling: Korres Bamboo Styling Cream for Curly Hair
Currently experimenting with lots of organic cone-free & sulfate-free products

Skia ..means "The Shadow" in Greek