I recently started using the HE gels as a replacement for BRHG (which is way too expensive). I loved Totally Twisted, but it didn't seem to have enough hold for my 2a hair, so I switched to Set Me Up. It worked fine at first, but now each time I use it, I just have stringy hair. I mean, it makes it practically wet and straight looking with frazzled ends. That's the only way I know to describe it. I really don't need anymore body, so I've avoided Body Envy. My hair is has WAY too much poof and volume as it is.

...But...Did anyone else have this problem after a while? Should I switch back to TT and just combine it with something like Re:coil? Could it be my hair just getting longer? The weather hasn't really changed or anything in my area. Maybe it's just my bad cone-loaded conditioner habit since I've been visiting family and using their stuff.