Hey there,

I just wanted to introduce myself seeing how I have just started bombarding the threads.

I have been lurking here for a while but didn't realise there was an Aussie section. I found all the product talk in the main boards frustrating so I was stoked when I found this section and decided it was time to join.

I am a 30yr old Mum to two, I have fine and thin frizzy, fluffy hair. I am never happy with it. I hate straightening it cos it's so thin and looks like I have nothing when it's straight and when I leave it wavy it cooks great in some sections but very fluffy/frizzy in others. Since going CG it's behaving much better and I am having less freaky straight sections. I am still having issues with some areas clumping too much while others separate too much and frizz. Oh I have highlighted hair and yes it's the top layers that frizz the most......I know I need to start cutting back on the bleach. My last colouring session I had less blonde foils and on my next one I will have less again, slowely I will phase them out I guess.

I'd say I am a 2a, as I said it's fine and thin, it's past my chin but not quite shoulder length. Still deciding on porosity. I think it's either normal or high. It dries quite quick but I always thought that was cos it's so thin. I seem to be able to handle protein. Hmmmmm, I think that's about all the boring hair details I can muster.

I really look forward to participating in all this hair talk. I am becoming obsessed with the condition of my hair now LOL.