Yay, another Adelaidean and a pom too (I've been here 19 years now)!

I've never found a hairdresser I'm really happy with, unfortunately. Last year I started going to Coco's up in Stirling as a curly colleague of mine goes there but I'm starting to have second thoughts now. The first time I went he cut it really well (dry cut - brownie points) and talked and explained as he went but the cut didn't suit me so the next time I went he cut a better style but cut it wet and I ended up with straggly bits at the back. Went again and this time he straightened it before he cut it which I thought was odd and although it looked ok straight, when it's curly (most of the time) it just looks style-less. I don't know what to do, especially since my colleague is also having doubts about him so I know it's not just me! It's just such a pain having to try different places - how many bad haircuts do we have to suffer?!
I've been thinking of trying Axia down Rundle Street, heard good things in the past about them and spoke to one of the owners ages ago when I went to buy something. They do consults so at least you'd get a feel for them first.
Sorry, that wasn't much help, I feel your pain.
3b in South Australia.