I'm new to the forum. I too am transitioning without the BC. I have bra strap length hair. I have not had a relaxer in about 5 months and my new growth is manageable. Right now I am doing braid outs.

I just wonder....what do you do with the new growth once it starts getting out of hand. Can you flat iron it? I am thinking I want to get a blowout and trim once a month. And wear a braid out in between.
Will this work?
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It will work if you make sure that you don't use high heat.If your talking about a Dominican blowout then the heat might be too much for your hair and migh cause breakage at the demarcation line.But a balanced deep conditioning with protein/moisture prior to it and a good heat protectant might help a bit.You can also try cornrows and braids with your own hair.
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