side note - does anyone else feel like not a true curly/wavy because if they don't apply product and or scrunch, it's pretty straight? sometimes I struggle with that. but as my cousin told me, you can`t do that (curls) to straight hair! So I guess if scrunching gives you curls, you`re curly.
Me too. I have to either talk my hair into being straight or into being curly. Left to it's own devices, it's meh. That said, my curl pattern is much stronger since going CG.
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this is one of those - oh it's not just me moments. I've always felt a little... bit like an wavy/culy impostor. If I get anywhere near my hair with a hairdryer no diffuser, it'll dry almost straight, with a "body wave" like shape (my really straightie friend is envious of this, i hate it!) but if I scrunch and/or add product waves appear. I've always got those annoying "kiss curls" at my nape or around my temples especially on humid/ rainy days

Now I don't feel so impostor-ish
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