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Originally Posted by pedaheh Me too. I have to either talk my hair into being straight or into being curly. Left to it's own devices, it's meh. That said, my curl pattern is much stronger since going CG.

this is one of those - oh it's not just me moments. I've always felt a little... bit like an wavy/culy impostor. If I get anywhere near my hair with a hairdryer no diffuser, it'll dry almost straight, with a "body wave" like shape (my really straightie friend is envious of this, i hate it!) but if I scrunch and/or add product waves appear. I've always got those annoying "kiss curls" at my nape or around my temples especially on humid/ rainy days

Now I don't feel so impostor-ish

Add me to the "almost straight without product/technique" camp. That's why, until I was 20 or so, I thought I had straight hair with a little extra body.

So, if you're all impostors, so am I. At least we're in good company.

I used to say "my hair is straight but has enough bend to be annoying." DUH RYMORG....bend is WURL......
OK, I'll try this again.

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I thought I had the kind of straight hair that didn't dry straight and required some fixing. Duh Peda. Do you know what you call "the kind of straight hair that doesn't dry straight"? That would be wavy. I actually started the CG method to cope with my dry hair and split ends. I didn't think my hair was wavy. I'm nearing 40, so figuring this out at 20 makes you seem like a genius in comparison Finale. I don't know what I thought my pre CG hair was, but I wouldn't have called it wavy exactly. Now I lovingly call my pre CG hair "naturally fuzzy".

I have a CG friend who calls her pre CG hair "naturally scraggly". She never really thought of her hair as wavy either.
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