Hey Curlyhaired folks, I have been browsing this site for sometime looking for hair advice, but not as a member. So I decided to join because I need to ask questions too. I have a severe product junkie problem, but as you know, what works for some does not work for everyone that means back to the store I go. As of late, I have been having good results thanks to all the advice I have read on this site. My curly routine is pretty lazy...I say the less product the better, but we know how that really works. I clarify once a month, DT every 2 weeks, use a non-sulfate shampoo weekly, I mix a protein and moisturizing conditioner and co-wash mid week. I detangle in the shower. Add a little leave-in because my hair is fine and some KCCC. I plop nightly with a flour sack that I wear overnight, spritz lightly in the morning followed with some jojoba oil or a little leave in finger detangle the knots and I'm out. See not that complicated...lol. I try really hard to stick to the no-sulfate, no-cones, but my hair likes cones so I try and go with the ones that are water soluble.

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