This thread is so interesting. It also makes me feel better Scraggly would be a good word for what my hair looks like naturally. I knew that I had some wave, but I also don't have the know-how to do anything with it. I am slowly learning! I have spent a great many years with a mass of frizzy sitting on my shoulders...eek!
My daughter was born with natural curls three years ago. I knew I had to learn more about curly hair so I could teach her to take care it. It started turning in my mind while reading all the tips on here that I can do something about my hair. I don't have to let it be fuzzy/frizzy and fight the straightening battle everyday. I am finally realizing it is okay to let it be wavy and that scrunching it does not mean that I don't have waves....they just have a mind of their own that needs a little loving and controlling!!