This is a spin off from the "how do you apply your gel" thread.
Many of us were discussing how without product and styling our hair will revert to being nearly straight. We were also discussing how we felt like wavy imposters since our hair doesn't form waves without encouragement and how many of us didn't always consider our hair wavy.
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I know I'm not a wavy, but I don't think that because you need hold products that you're imposters. I need hold products to form my curls as well and its b/c like some of you guys, I'm not highly textured. When you have a stronger pattern you don't need as much to make it come through.

Just cause you need more to make it come through, doesn't mean you aren't wavy. There are all sorts of degrees of texturization within any wave/curl spectrum.
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Oh this makes me feel better Naturalista, thanks!!!

I call what I have "wurl" because I don't feel right calling it curl but it's more than wave. So dare I say it???? RYMORG2 HAS NATURALLY CURLY HAIR?????!!!!

Omg that's so freeing!!!!! I feel like Freida on the Peanuts!!!!!
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