Pedaheh, thanks for starting this thread! I had no idea everybody would relate to the passing comment I made on the gels thread. I'm glad you started this... now I don't have to feel like I took over the other topic!

OH, you are SO RIGHT with the "grabby" products. I have known for awhile that the stickiest gels are best with me because they create the best clumps! Because my hair is dry, my hairdresser suggested I use curl-enhancing "creams". Dove has a cone-free one, so I bought it, but it really doesn't work. Haha I love how is way more helpful than an actual hair professional. Nobody knows your hair better than others with similar hair, right?
Some conditioners are also better at creating clumps than others. Has anyone else tried Samy's naturals line?I got awesome clumps with that one! it's so thick and rich which I love because my hair is dry.

I more-than-suspect that those of us who feel like "imposters" would also get very little curl with raking vs. scrunching? ALSO, does ice queen method really work on the rest of you guys? It's all in the scrunching, I'm telling you!

Also, what is ya'll's experience with messy buns? Personally, I'm a huge fan. I do them while I sleep because -- I'm guessing others will relate to this as well -- another reason I sometimes feel like an imposter is that my hair gets so much straighter if I sleep with it down! I also find that messy buns create waves in and of themselves, no product needed. I'm a lifeguard and if I teach a swimming lesson (so my hair is wet), have my hair in a messy bun, work for several more hours and then come home, my hair is quite wavy when I take it down. Lots wavier than if it dried down with no product!

Sorry for the novel...if anyone else is relating to a lot of what I have to say, let me know because I would love a hair twin!
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normal/high porosity, normal elasticity.