It's good to know I'm alone with the uncaring mother stuff.

And no, I don't really feel any better. I thought about it again at new year. Although I won't do it.

Now with people wanting me to change the way I am and a mother who makes me feel worthless, I'm miserable as hell. I do need to see my GP. I've tried counselling but found it hard to talk because I've grown up not knowing how to deal with my feelings and feeling worthless and unimportant. I suck.
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You TOTALLY do not suck! You'd be one of my best friends if you weren't so fargin' far away, so no more "I suck" stuff. It's a lottery who we get as parents, not a sign of what we do or don't deserve. A whole bunch of us didn't get winning hands, but that doesn't mean it's our fault. It's random. Totally, utterly random.

It is hard to start talking to a therapist. But it helps. That's why finding someone you like, or who can help draw you out, is vital.

You do not have to change, just because some dork said you should wear frilly clothes. Screw that ****. I'd hang out with you and that wild kitten of yours in a New York minute.

PM me if you need to, okay? You are not alone, and I'm not going to let you sink.

Your friend, Ninja
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I'm packing my bags to come to America!!!

The frilly crap is going back! I am me!

Just to add:

I was just eating a kiwi and Eddy was curious, he decided he didn't like the smell of it. After I'd eaten it he sniffed my hand and started to lick the kiwi juice off them. Daft kitty
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.

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