You can say that again,we need all the help we can get LOL.

We threw our little boy a party on Sunday and I actually had a really good hair day WHOOOOOT! Having success with FSG but this time I put some Garnier Hard hold gel over the top for extra hold.

I wish the FSG wasn't so messy, my first batch was too runny and my second batch is like snot. I ended up freezing the runny batch and used the snot first and it was hard to break up. Just defrosted the runny gear and will try it today. Have also discovered I can't use leave in condish. It just makes my hair too heavy and flat, I'm not complaining, I'm happy to skip a step LOL.

I'm very happy that the FSG can replace the $30 Joico curl definer creme I was using. The rate I was using it I was going to have to buy it monthy.....stuff spending $30 a month on curl creme.