I thought I had the kind of straight hair that didn't dry straight and required some fixing. Duh Peda. Do you know what you call "the kind of straight hair that doesn't dry straight"? That would be wavy. I actually started the CG method to cope with my dry hair and split ends. I didn't think my hair was wavy. I'm nearing 40, so figuring this out at 20 makes you seem like a genius in comparison Finale.
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ROFL. This is SO me. I honestly thought I had straight hair that just wasn't very...straight. A curly-haired friend finally explained it to me, and I was like "Oh, but my hair isn't actually wavy. It's just oddly unmanageable, frizzy and sticks up and forms horns sometimes. But it's straight, mind you."

I had the exact same cut as Cheetara for years. And I had to keep it super-short, because once it got to my eyebrows it started horns, I used to call them. I was in total wave denial.

I actually used to PERM my hair, in my teens and twenties, if you can believe that. With hilarious results. When you take very fine but extremely thick wavy hair and CURL IT WITH TEENSY LITTLE ROLLERS, the only result you possibly can get is something akin to Ronald McDonald. Three times I did this...always thinking it would be different this time, for unfathomable reasons.
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