(This is my first forum post ever, so hopefully I do this correctly!).

So happy to find this thread - I can identify with so many of you! My hair has been on a roller coaster of wavy textures the past ten years, twice getting very near 2c/3a, and now reverting back to 2a. Lately I've been worried that I wasn't actually wavy, that the waves were a side-effect of color and highlights. I started growing out the color last summer and my curly-haired stylist warned me that I'd lose a lot of wave - and I have! However, there are still the tighter curls around my hairline and base of my neck, so the wave must be natural (right?) - though I am struggling with the rest of my head, with 2a waves on the side and nearly straight locks at the back.

I can't touch my hair or rake products through it after I get out of the shower, and in the past I've had the best luck with the "grabby" products (one of the best was TIGI Bed Head Curls Rock Curl Amplifier, but lately that's only been weighing me down). I've just started experimenting with CG at the moment to see how my hair reacts. I'm also really curious about the HerCut curly products, but have a suspicion that they're not thick enough for me.