Me, me! I have a very weak wave pattern. When it dries without any product, it poufs out from my head which I call "triangle head." I think this is mostly because I have tons and tons of hair!

I remember a hair stylist (I just go to one of the cheap places) commenting on the fact that I have wavy hair and I was totally confused. The next time I went some place different and she said I "had the ability to be wavy." I like my hair wavy but it's a lot of work!
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For years my hairdresser kept discouraging me from working with the wave. Every summer I would be in hair hell, get all sweaty blowing it straight, walk outside and instant frizz!
This was ME too! But in addition to frizz it would get BIG. I used to wear my hair wavy off and on since I was a kid. I remember loving my waves when I went to the beach but could never duplicate that look in the colder weather. So I learned to blow it out straight without too much effort. As I got older it got be more and more work it didn't straighten so easily anymore so I had to have it texturized and thinned out constantly. THAT became a PITA too.....Once I became preggers I had to learn to work with my waves because I just didn't have time to deal with my hair anymore. Is it a lot of work now? Kind of but still less work then straightening. I wonder if it's the finer haired wavies that feel like imposters? I don't

Asian you're like me fighting the Poof because we have too much hair!!

peda I don't know that I need "grab" in all my stylers?? I mean I like some that are slippery like DMMG, Darcy's Coiling Jelly, CJ CCClite, CIAB....So where I do look for a grabby LI to stick to my hair in the colder weather I don't need that once it warms up. I can't live without BRHG but I don't know if that's the grab factor or not??
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