It's hard for me to imagine the OneC would be what caused the dryness, there are people here using it as leave-in with no gel and having great results, that would not happen if it had the potential to be drying. And no matter how much of it they used at the salon that would hardly be cause for build-up, it takes way more than that even in the case someone's hair might not "like" it.

I sustain that if anything would be to blame it would be the gel (plus the heat & dry air). On the 16th I decided to give my hair a rest from store-bought gels because the fixatives in stylers can be drying. I only used flax seed gel when I needed hold but the rest of the time just a leave-in CO and once I slept with coconut oil on my scalp and hair, and my hair looks and feels a lot more moisturized.
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