Ok, so thanks for this thread. I have read it completely about 20 times in the past month - seriously. I wanted to cut down on the bulkiness of my thick hair without removing the curl, so I began researching texlaxing.

Let me say, I took the plunge this weekend and I am so glad I did. I used Elasta QP Mild and mixed it with EVOO, Vatika Oil, and Hello Hydration. I slathered Shealoe & Macadamia nut butter all over my hair about 2 hours prior to applying the texlax mixture. I applied the texlax mix and made sure to concentrate more on the roots than the ends of my hair and I continued to pull my hair in a downward direction until I felt that my hair had processed enough - which was between 10 - 15 minutes.

Then I got into the shower, rinsed, neutralized, and then follwed up with Aphogee 2 minute protein treatment and Silk Elements conditioner. Depending on the products I use, I can still have a fro or I can have my hair "lay" a little more. Regular activator gel will still allow my hair to "poof" a little, but if I add some Let's Jam on top of the activator gel, I get more "lay" and less "poof". I am completely satisfied with my hair and this is just another chapter in my journey.

Thanks for this thread.
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Did you base your scalp? Do you remember the ratio of relaxer to conditioner/oil? What do you mean by "neutralize"?

My sister would like me to do this for my niece and we want her to keep the texture without the bulkiness.
4, fine, low-medium density, low porosity

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