Hey that might help, FrizzBgone! So how often do you switch products- like every three days? Do you switch all your products at once on a rotation? Also, how many products do you need to keep your itching at bay?

Sorry for all the questions- I am just trying to get a sense of what I can try. Like you, after a honeymoon period with products, it has eventually made my scalp incredibly itchy!
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Like Kathymack, I don't use the same product 2 days in a row. I don't take the chance anymore. As long as I rotate, I no longer develop allergies to any of the products. There are still products that I can't use ... I'm allergic to CK. It makes my feel like my head is covered in bugs; I get so itchy from it I can't stand it.

You could try doing an ACV rinse. If my scalp is feeling a little funky, I'll either clarify or rinse with ACV. I normally try the rinse first. If it doesn't work, I'll use the clarifying shampoo. I don't like to clarify very often. I used to have to clarify really often, now I seldom do. Eliminating the cones and mineral oil from my product routine has made a big difference in my hair and scalp.
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Thanks for the advice. I am going to try and do what you suggest.

I stopped using the two gels - KMS and Curls - and have stopped itching- so have been using BB and SS. But I will rotate those as well.

So it looks like I should probably get additional low poo/conditioner too. Good thing DH is going out of town and I won't have to explain that to him
3a mixed with 2C???
Fine Texture
Normal to low Porosity
Low Elasticity

Mop Top Low Poo or Deva low poo
Deva One Condition
Deva B'leave-in for higher dews (Deva Foam for low dews).
Deva Firm Hold Gel
HG: Sweet Curls Crazy Curly Hard Hold Elixir after applying Deva and for 2nd/third day.