Hi - i'm indian too, gujarati, and i'm almost 30 and only just learning how to handle curly hair. Why was it so difficult? Why have a had a bad hair life (with the odd exception)?? I've only just realised: i am the only girl in my entire (very large) extended family with curly hair. The only one! Some of the boys have curls, but since they wear their hair short it's not a problem for them (and anyway its not as curly as mine). My mum had curly hair, but she's the only one i can think of, and she used to pull it straight (even chemically straighten it in her youth). So my childhood was one long french plait (braid) and only now am i learning to love my inner curl. I think if mum were still alive (and if her hair could still curl as it used to) we'd be doing the CG thing together. Anyway, that's my tuppence worth. All i know is that there are so few curlies in my community (and the ones who are probably straighten), that i stand out like a sore thumb. Apparently, 'i don't belong'. And i like that. Now finally i know what to do with my hair!