LOl Sub beat me to it... ME!! I'm too busy trying to tame my mop to think about somebodies elses.. I wish i had a fotki to look back on i need to make one lol.... and tracee's hair is very much like mine a few years ago she annoyed the sht out of me and I would never wear my hair like hers, i've embraced the mop now lol the bigger the better... but she has tamed her mop too over the years she doesnt wear it as big or as "natural" meaning her natural individual curls, as she use to, it seems like she has a twist out or bantu knots or some type of style her curls are way bigger and her hair isn't as huge/curly/puffy as it is in its "natural" state..

Natural Curl Pattern:

How She's been wearing her hair:

<--very cute

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