I don't like that one, lol...it's like spraying thick water on your hair. If you like it, let me know how you used it!
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Not Naturalista but I use it before my leave-in and gel routine. I don't spray it on my hair but on my hands and work it in. It doesn't disperse as easily on dry hair. Also, I know Subbrock uses it as a gel.

Back to the thread....I bought LUSH Jasmine and Henna Fluff Eaze.
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Thanks!! Yea I mixed it with my gel but I didn't feel like it did anything good...I'd rather just top off with AV gel if I need a finisher. It's too watery for me to use alone; doesn't have enough moisture mixed in. And I sprayed it on my hand as well. It's def not a bad product - didn't make my hair hard or frizzy - was just lackluster for me.
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Yeah, I understand. I had it sitting in my cabinet for a year when I decided to try it again and noticed the difference after it dried. For me it's a curl booster. The B5 (panthenol) and gylcerin really wakes my hair up.

I notice the difference if I don't use this even though it feels like water on my hair. I don't know how it would be to mix with gel. I found it most effective on naked hair as better to soak in, before product.

Also, I haven't tried it with other gels, only KCCC. That may be a factor too. But it has a fair amount of hold on its own. I found that I can use too much. LOL. Don't let the wateriness fool you.
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