Gooseberry-chamomile jam:

So I knew I had one more pint of gooseberries, but couldn't find it. Well, the girl (for all I know she's a grown woman who just looks really young) working at the stand packed them with the cherries, so I missed it.
Well, I guess I will make half gooseberry and half sour cherry hand pies, since I only got a pint of sour cherries.
After I poured out the jam, I saw that I came darn close to scorching it (jam is a bit tricky this way when it's nearing the set point)

As for sweet cherries . . . Cherry Kuchen:

That's the cake batter after it had risen for an hour and I had dotted the cherries over the top, drizzled melted butter, and sprinkled with turbinado sugar.

And the finished product, with a lemon glaze poured over: