Cherry clafoutis: today's "breakfast". Hey, it's a big baked pancake with fruit. I think it counts! Those who fear pits should stay away. This is a traditional clafoutis, with the pits left in. Aside from flavor, the pits keep the cherries from shriveling up and bleeding all over the place.

Ninja, and then I'd have Minxy that much closer and could meet you both at the same time! It's perfect. Minxy, pack your bags!

Auntnett, aguas frescas are made in Mexico with different fruit. Think lemonade, but less sweet and less tart and more refreshing. Horchata, if you've ever had it, is a type of agua fresca, of which I've made two batches lately.
I use this recipe but cut the sugar to half or so since I like it faintly sweet, though the recipe is delicious as is and not at all cloying:

As for fruit agua fresca:

Here's a spiked version:
(though agua fresca is meant to be pretty perfectly clear, traditionally)

You might also like this cucumber drink, if you are interested in an alcoholic drink:

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