AHHH! I feel the Indian sisterhood! I am a curly haired Indian girl but in my family that's everyone!!
unfortunately all my friends have straight silky hair and I attempted the same and at least 7 years later(wow time passes!) I've attempted to switch to CG (day 2 folks!).

ALSO...I'm from Andhra wowohwow!From Hyderabad and going to visit soon actually...lets see how CG holds up against the heat wave that is south India=)

PS. Thanks to the OP for creating the thread, makes me feel a little less alone knowing there are other Indian curlies =)
Co-wash:Suave coconut
Rinse out: Garnier Triple Nutrition
Leave-In: TBD
Other: Herbal Essences Toussle Me Softly/ LA Looks Sport Gel
CG Start Date: 6/27/10